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About Us | Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal LTD.




About Us

TIACT operates and manages international cargo terminal at Tokyo International Airport (Haneda Airport). TIACT provides "document handling and cargo handling service", "office and warehouse leasing service", and "facility maintenance service" .

Business philosophy

MISSION (Objective of the Company)

Pursue cargo terminal operation while contributing toward international logistics at Haneda Airport.

VISION (Company Goals)

  1. 1.Pursue safe and assured cargo terminal operation.
  2. 2.Create cargo terminal while satisfying customers’ needs and being trustworthy.
  3. 3.Satisfy employees’ willingness to work and their happiness.
  4. 4.Offer overall service with team TIACT.

VALUES(We care for as a Company..)

  1. 1.Be faithful to basic operations and secure safety through mutual communication.
  2. 2.Tackle customers’ problems and solve the problem with ideas and skillfulness.
  3. 3.Create total team harmony through freely communication with high motivation.
  4. 4. Pursue strong corporate structure through cost consciousness and adequate profit mind.

Business scheme

  1. 1.Establish, operate, and manage Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal, and offer leasing services.
  2. 2.Offer the following business services at the Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal
    • Warehousing, storage, loading, unloading, and handling of air cargo being imported and exported
    • Loading and unloading of air cargo onto and off aircraft
    • Leasing of offices and sheds; and cargo transportation handling
    • Maintenance, storage and leasing of equipment and materials required for loading and unloading
    • Processing of air cargo

Maintenance of facilities

We maintain the cargo sheds in line with the “3-S concept” (Simple, Speedy, and Safety), and also undertake maintenance of the cargo terminal by giving careful consideration to appearance and the environment.

We maintain the cargo sheds so that they can be used for the widely varying demands that are likely to be faced in the future.

We strive to shorten lead times.

We ensure the safety of cargo and personnel.

  • We maintain the appearance of the cargo terminal, ensuring that it is worthy of its place in the gateway airport to the Tokyo metropolitan area.
  • We promote environmentally-friendly facilities maintenance by using the gifts of nature effectively while reducing waste.

Terminal operation

We contribute to the development of the air cargo industry and the efficiency of logistics through functional and efficient terminal operations that take advantage of the enviable location of the Tokyo International Air Cargo Terminal.

  • We realize smooth terminal access by preventing on-street parking.
  • We strive to offer the highest level of security.
  • We operate the cargo terminal 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • We operate the cargo terminal in an environmentally friendly manner that is appropriate to an international airport in the 21st century.

Terminal overview

  • Address: 6-3, Haneda Airport, 2-Chome, Ota-ku, Tokyo, Japan (within Tokyo International Airport)
  • Lot area: About 170,000 square meters
  • Construction: Completed on July 31, 2010; Started the operation on October 21, 2010

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